Welcome to APSA

The Alberta Pharmacy Students’ Association (APSA) is a registered student group with the University of Alberta Students’ Union and represents the voice of pharmacy students in the province of Alberta. Membership in the organization is voluntary for Alberta pharmacy students, but highly encouraged. We provide numerous services to students, such as social events, locker sales, yearbooks, orientation, bulk textbook orders, and much more! For a detailed summary of the services we provide to pharmacy students and the benefits of membership, please visit our Student Services page.


Membership By Class

Class Of 2021 – 90%
Class Of 2020 – 93%
Class Of 2019 – 100%
Class Of 2018 – 95%
APSA proudly boasts significant student membership and involvement. Currently, each class of the pharmacy program at the University of Alberta has between 90% and 100% active membership in our association.

The APSA Council of 2017-18 extends a warm welcome to the incoming Class of 2021! Welcome to the pharmily!

Sean Hanson
Sean HansonPresident
Email: smhanson@ualberta.ca

Presidential Mascot


Hannah Kaliel
Hannah KalielVP CAPSI
Email: kaliel@ualberta.ca

Preston Eshenko
Preston EshenkoVP External
Email: eshenko@ualberta.ca

Aditya Garg
Aditya GargVP Academic
Email: agarg2@ualberta.ca

Alisha Shivji
Alisha ShivjiVP Administration
Email: ashivji@ualberta.ca

Cassandra Cooper
Cassandra CooperVP Student Services
Email: ccooper2@ualberta.ca

Jerry Zhang
Jerry ZhangVP Finance
Email: yifei3@ualberta.ca

Megan Elliott
Megan ElliottVP Social
Email: meelliot@ualberta.ca

Jyoti Palak
Jyoti PalakFundraising Director
Email: hpalak@ualberta.ca

Emma Bedard
Emma BedardInterprofessional Director
Email: ecbedard@ualberta.ca

Lynnea Schultz
Lynnea SchultzCommunity Education Director
Email: lynnea@ualberta.ca
Alternate Email: APSAspeakers@gmail.com

Jasmine Han
Jasmine HanPublications Director
Email: seunga1@ualberta.ca

Miray Aizouki
Miray AizoukiRecruitment Director
Email: miray@ualberta.ca
Alternate Email: recruitment@myapsa.ca

Vanessa Hill
Vanessa HillSAF-Pharm Director
Email: vanessam@ualberta.ca

Darryl Mah
Darryl MahIPSF Representative
Email: djmah1@ualberta.ca

Mark Contreras
Mark ContrerasCAPSI Jr. Representative
Email: mcontrer@ualberta.ca

Peter Van Herk
Peter Van HerkCSHP Representative
Email: vanherk@ualberta.ca

Frank Huang
Frank HuangInformation Technology (IT) Director
Email: fhuang1@ualberta.ca

Lauren Ross
Lauren RossFourth Year Class Representative (BSc.)
Email: lross@ualberta.ca

Jack Novovic
Jack NovovicFourth Year Class Representative (PBS)
Email: novovic@ualberta.ca

Raafi Ali
Raafi AliThird Year Class Representative
Email: raafi@ualberta.ca

Kristen Farrell
Kristen FarrellSecond Year Class Representative
Email: krfarrel@ualberta.ca

Ryan Cummings
Ryan CummingsFirst Year Class Representative
Email: rcumming@ualberta.ca

Alex Kwan
Alex KwanStudents' Union Representative
Email: alex.kwan@ualberta.ca

Madison Herbert
Madison HerbertCO-CHAIRS Grad Committee
Email: madison@ualberta.ca

Sabrina El Mansali
Sabrina El MansaliCO-CHAIRS Grad Committee
Email: elmansal@ualberta.ca

David Poon
David PoonPharmacy Quarterly (PQ) Editor
Email: dhpoon@ualberta.ca

Ethos Ho
Ethos HoPharmacy Quarterly (PQ) Editor
Email: hohuang@ualberta.ca

Theresa Eberhardt
Theresa EberhardtSHINE Director
Email: teberhar@ualberta.ca

Sandra Su
Sandra SuYearbook Editor Class of 2019
Email: ssu3@ualberta.ca

Brittany Wong
Brittany WongYearbook Editor Class of 2019
Email: bmw1@ualberta.ca

Greg Poon
Greg PoonMale Sports Representative
Email: gpoon@ualberta.ca

Katina Woo
Katina WooFemale Sports Representative
Email: katina1@ualberta.ca

Sean Starman
Sean StarmanFourth Year Social Representative (BSc.)
Email: sstarman@ualberta.ca

Stephanie MetzgerFourth Year Social Representative (PBS)
Email: metzger@ualberta.ca

Carlo Tipan
Carlo TipanThird Year Social Representative
Email: tipan@ualberta.ca

Jennifer Pidzarko
Jennifer PidzarkoSecond Year Social Representative
Email: jpidzark@ualberta.ca

Scott Dyer
Scott DyerFirst Year Social Representative
Email: sadyer@ualberta.ca

Alec Huard
Alec HuardCRO (Chief Returning Officer)
Email: huard@ualberta.caa

Charlotte Yang
Charlotte YangAPSA Photographer
Email: shuyu4@ualberta.ca

Lawrence Woo
Lawrence WooAPSA Photographer
Email: lwoo1@ualberta.ca

APSA Photographer

APSA Photographer