Blue and Gold Ball

The Blue and Gold Ball is an integral part of the history of the Faculty of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences at the University of Alberta. Blue and Gold is incorporated into pharmacy awareness week, which this last year was expanded to pharmacy awareness month. It is an opportunity for each of the four years and the faculty to come together, dress up, and celebrate the faculty.

The highlight of Blue and Gold is the punch competition where each year gets an opportunity to showcase their creative sides by concocting a punch as well as a theatrical presentation. The winner of the punch competition is decided by celebrity judges and the winner will receive bragging rights for the next year, and ultimately for the rest of their lives.

There are also many other components of Blue and Gold that make it the extravagant event it is. There is an awards ceremony, which is used to recognize individuals for participation in the faculty and the profession. Traditionally there is a silent auction held as a grad fundraiser. The night is usually ended by a dance, which allows students from all four years to take a break from studying and to show off their stellar dance moves. Blue and Gold is one of the most talked about events each year and it fosters some of the fondest memories during the pharmacy program. Attendance is not required, but it is highly recommended!