APSA Mentorship Program (AMP)

Are you ready to AMP up your degree? Well, with the APSA Mentorship Program (AMP), now is your chance!

AMP was created with the intention of students helping other students through pharmacy school. As a mentor, you will have the opportunity to connect with another student in the program, help answer questions, and spread your wisdom on tips and tricks to survive pharmacy school. It is a chance for you to support your colleagues, make new friends, and expand on your own knowledge and skills. After all, we’re all in this together!

As a mentee, this is a valuable opportunity to connect with your mentor, and other fellow peers in the profession. You will be able to gain valuable insight and wisdom from your mentors about the program in general, and effective tips and ideas to stay motivated and get through pharmacy school with a bright outlook and brilliant success! 🙂

Signing up to be a mentor is as simple as filling out a short Google Form (embedded below when open for signup) to tell us a little more about yourself. In order to enhance the matching process, mentees will have the opportunity to read through these short bios and rank their top choices. The level of time commitment for the program is up to you and your mentee. We will of course be here to support you along the way if you need it. If you want to be a mentor and would also like a mentor of your own, feel free to sign up for both.

Signup is now closed for the program. There will also be an AMP Meet and Greet event at lunchtime on October 4th so that you can start connecting with your mentor. Stay tuned for more information about that!

Mentor Matching Process

Mentor Signup

Mentee Signup

Your AMP Mentors:

Class of 2020 Mentors (Second Year)

Class of 2019 Mentors (Third Year)

Class of 2018 Mentors (Fourth Year)