Do you have an interesting hobby that you’d like to share with others? Have an idea about how to involve your fellow students and enrich their education? APSA is committed to providing a variety of ways to help students enjoy the most out of their time in pharmacy, and we think that creativity and physical activity are excellent ways to ease the burden of a heavy course-load and that is why with the help of the Student Led Initiative Fund, the past two years have seen the formation of:

  • The Pharmacy Climbing Club – Previous years held Mondays @ 5:00 pm at the climbing wall in the Butterdome. Details on how to join will be determined, so keep your ears open!
  • The Pharmacy Undergraduate Journal Club (PUJC) – You interested on discussing about the latest evidence based medicine that can change your way of practice? Look no further, the Pharmacy Journal Club is here for you!
  • Squash Club – Are you a beginner looking to get into the sport? Maybe you’re a squash champ looking for more opponents to decimate. It doesn’t matter, contact your Sports Representative to show what you got!