Orientation is two days of introductions to the faculty, to peers, and to the profession. Orientation is everyone’s first memory of being a part of the faculty and therefore it’s made into a fun and exciting two days. The first day of orientation includes a chance to get to know peers through icebreaker activities, a look into APSA and the services they provide to the students, and a look into the faculty and campus. The second day of orientation is directed towards introducing the members of the faculty as well as introducing the pharmacy program itself. It is the goal of orientation that students feel welcome into the faculty and welcome into the profession where they will spend the next four years as well as the rest of their lives growing and evolving.

Please contact Kasia Babyn (kbabyn@ualberta.ca), VP Social, if you have any questions regarding orientation.

Welcome Letter



Please complete the following form to pre-register for Orientation if you have been accepted into the pharmacy class of 2020 at the University of Alberta. This form will close August 15th 2016. If not completed online, you will be required to provide this information on Orientation day.