Student Accommodation Network Forums

What is the APSA Student Accommodation Network?

  • One of the ongoing APSA projects is a revamp of the Accommodation Support Network (ASN) which has existed for in past years for the purpose of helping pharmacy students find accommodation on rotation. The APSA Student Accommodation Network is an online forums project which expands the original Accommodation Support Network to include more useful information (transportation, placement sites, and leisure) pertaining to the cities/towns at which rotations take place. We hope this tool can further assist students find and compile information needed for their rotations.
  • Each city/town has it’s own topic which include information of 4 categories: Accommodation, Transportation, Placement Sites, and Miscellaneous

Who can join?

  • Any pharmacy student and alumnus with internet access is welcome! Visit the portal through the link above for more information on signing up.

What kind of information will you be able to find here?

  • Accommodations
    • We invite people with knowledge of specific towns/cities to post info about where they stayed and the associated costs.
    • Makes it easier to know what housing options are available
    • Housing options being offered by alumni, preceptors, and other people will be posted as well as contact info
  • Transportation
    • What public transit exists as well as the best methods of transportation from Edmonton to that town/city
    • How people manage transportation to specific placement sites and associated costs
  • Placement Sites
    • Objective information about sites including physical location, nearby POI, idea methods of transportation
    • No subjective information will be posted (ie. Opinion of preceptor, site, etc.)
    • Posters may make themselves available via built-in private message system to talk about subjective information and exchange information
  • Miscellaneous
    • What things are there to do?
    • Recreational facilities/activities, and ways to pass the time

Why should I use the forums?

  • Effectively research sites/cities/towns in one consolidated place
  • Anonymously ask and answer questions at your convenience
  • Valuable information is centralized and accessible by all students, and it doesn’t get buried quickly like in a FB page!
  • Easily connect to students of all years
  • Help develop the forum into a permanent library of relevant information that helps future pharmacy students
  • SAN is supported by the Faculty of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences.

What can I do to help?

  • We are currently looking for people to make posts on cities/towns in which they have had rotations or know well.
  • Also, we are looking to expand our “Offers of Accommodation” thread so if you know any people/preceptors/etc. offering accommodation, please contribute!
  • Any questions or concerns please email Aditya Garg at