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Journal Club

APSA’s Journal Club


What is it?
APSA is proud to begin offering you another opportunity at professional
development through our Journal Club. The Journal Club is a group of students that
meets monthly to discuss a recently published, therapeutics-focused clinical trial. Each
group member is invited to read the article and come prepared to discuss and debate
with their colleagues the validity of the trial.


Who can join?
ANYONE! This group is not restricted to a maximum number and we expect
to see different faces at each meeting. So, this is an informal commitment – if you can
make it, please drop in and participate. If not, hopefully we will see you at the next


How does it work?
At the beginning of each month, APSA will identify and make available a
relevant paper that focuses on the therapeutics of a given medication. The paper will
be available through a link on the myapsa.ca website so any interested student can
access it. A date towards the end of the month will be selected and the Journal Club
will meet in the APSA Study Room to discuss the paper on that date (will likely be the
last Friday of every month). One individual amongst the group will be chosen as
the “discussion leader” each month and they will be responsible for stimulating


Why should you check it out?
Professional development and continuing education are two crucial
components to staying up-to-date with current guidelines and therapeutic indications.
It can be difficult to maintain this current knowledge on your own, so why not do it
with the help of colleagues? It is more convenient (and FUN!) to learn in a group, so
APSA’s Journal Club is an excellent way for you to begin your continuing education


Questions or Comments?
Contact Tyler Watson at tlwatson@ualberta.ca



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