Checklist up to date as of July 28, 2017.

Upcoming Important Dates:

Orientation – August 31st and September 1st
Welcome Reception – September 7th
First TGIF – September 8th

In preparation for Orientation and the upcoming first year, please review the following items and ensure they are completed by the appropriate deadlines.

  • Membership is highly recommended (across all four years of pharmacy, each class has between a 95% and 100% membership rate). For more information about APSA and the benefits of membership, please visit our About Us and Student Services pages. You pay a one-time cost of membership for your four years in pharmacy; we accept cheques or online payment via PayPal (an individual Paypal account is NOT required, Paypal helps us process credit card etc.). Cheques should be written for $, made payable to the Alberta Pharmacy Students’ Association, and not post-dated. To pay for membership online, visit our store here.

  • As a first year student, you will be required to complete several requirements as outlined by the faculty website (e.g., uploading a ONEcard photo, registering with the Alberta College of Pharmacists, obtaining a criminal record check, etc.). Please visit the faculty’s information page here for a list of faculty requirements and deadlines and be sure to complete them before their respective deadlines.

  • The cost of all your textbooks for the 4-year program is generally around $1300. Some students choose to buy all their textbooks in first year. However, students in the program would likely recommend that you wait and be selective in the textbooks you purchase. Most professors test largely on lecture materials and textbooks are only recommended to enhance your understanding of the coursework. Some books are available online through the library website for free, while some print books may be available for a discounted price from senior students. The list of required/recommended textbooks is available on the Faculty site. More information on textbooks will be available in September. There is no need to purchase any textbooks before school starts.

  • See this page for more information:

  • To add our calendar, visit our calendar page here and click the “+GoogleCalendar” button in the bottom right hand corner of the calendar.