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Pharmacy Summer BBQ Party

Hey Team!


There has been talk about setting up a class barbecue party, so I am working on plans to set it up. We are going to have our class barbecue in late July so that people from out of town can come if they so choose.


Here are the details:

Time: Saturday, July 23 – 4:00pm to 10:00pm

Location: William Hawrelak Park

I will go buy all the burgers, hot dogs and condiments for the event. The tentative attendance fee is approximately $10 (depending on how much everything is… I will get a final total for everyone when the time comes). We can make it a potluck event as well, so please bring a side if you plan on attending this event.


Please RSVP via Facebook page if you plan on attending this event!


The fire-pits at William Hawrelak Park are fairly unclean. Would anyone be willing to bring their barbecues to the event? Please let me know if you are willing to volunteer!


Finally, bring entertainment (soccer/volleyballs/frisbees/waterguns/etc) and we will make an afternoon of it!


Thanks guys! Feel free to post any other suggestions on the Facebook page!


- Jerica Poon, Class of 2014 Social Rep

Pharmacists know how to Party!

What do you get when you take a whole bunch of Pharmacists sick of studying and having gone through a whole slew of exams, put together in a single room? Parttaay! And man do those Pharmacists know how to Party. Their motto? study hard. Party hard.


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White Coat Ceremony Hoopla

What an awesome event it was. The first year class of 2014 had their white coat ceremony in the Dinwoody lounge set amidst friends and family. Each student walked on stage and was robed by a member of ACP and Faculty, then walking across the stage to sign the pledge of professionalism. Amidst the tear jerking speeches and the laughs the ensued afterwards there was a sense of celebration for the centennial year of Pharmacy. Graduating professionals in Pharmacy has been a lasting legacy of positive change.

Congratulations Class of 2014! We can’t wait to see what you bring to the world.


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