Welcome to APSA

The Alberta Pharmacy Students’ Association (APSA) is a registered student group with the University of Alberta Students’ Union and represents the voice of pharmacy students in the province of Alberta. Membership in the organization is voluntary for Alberta pharmacy students, but highly encouraged. We provide numerous services to students, such as social events, locker sales, yearbooks, orientation, bulk textbook orders, and much more! For a detailed summary of the services we provide to pharmacy students and the benefits of membership, please visit our Student Services page.


Membership By Class

Class Of 2020 – 93%
Class Of 2019 – 98%
Class Of 2018 – 95%
Class Of 2017 – 97%
APSA proudly boasts significant student membership and involvement. Currently, each class of the pharmacy program at the University of Alberta has between 90% and 100% active membership in our association.

This page is currently under construction for the incoming APSA council of 2017-2018.

Aliaksandr Savin
Aliaksandr SavinPresident
Email: aliaksan@ualberta.ca

MooPresidential Mascot
Email: woof

Helen Marin
Helen MarinPast President
Email: hmarin@ualberta.ca

Marline Aizouki
Marline AizoukiVP CAPSI
Email: marlin@ualberta.ca

Sean Hanson
Sean HansonVP External
Email: smhanson@ualberta.ca

VP Academic

Alexandra (Alex) Spirkina
Alexandra (Alex) SpirkinaVP Administration
Email: spirkina@ualberta.ca

Sabrina Lorico
Sabrina LoricoVP Student Services
Email: lorico@ualberta.ca

Tony Lee
Tony LeeVP Finance
Email: taeho@ualberta.ca

Kasia Babyn
Kasia BabynVP Social
Email: kbabyn@ualberta.ca

Jerry Zhang
Jerry ZhangFundraising Director
Email: yifei3@ualberta.ca

James Tao
James TaoInterprofessional Director
Email: jtao3@ualberta.ca

Muna Farah
Muna FarahCommunity Education Director
Email: mfarah@ualberta.ca

Winnie Lo
Winnie LoPublications Director
Email: wlo1@ualberta.ca

Dimitri Kachenyuk
Dimitri KachenyukRecruitment Director
Email: kachenyu@ualberta.ca

Mike Song
Mike SongSAF-Pharm Director
Email: mike4@ualberta.ca

Sahiba Khurana
Sahiba KhuranaIPSF Representative
Email: sahiba@ualberta.ca

Hannah Kaliel
Hannah KalielCAPSI Jr. Representative
Email: kaliel@ualberta.ca

Karlson Kennedy
Karlson KennedyCSHP Representative
Email: kdkenned@ualberta.ca

Lisa Zhou
Lisa ZhouInformation Technology (IT) Director
Email: xiaoying@ualberta.ca

Tatianne Pomerleau-Mahe
Tatianne Pomerleau-MaheFourth Year Class Representative (Fall)
Email: pomerlea@ualberta.ca

Chris Evernden
Chris EverndenFourth Year Class Representative (Winter)
Email: evernden@ualberta.ca

Pawan Gill
Pawan GillThird Year Class Representative
Email: pgill3@ualberta.ca

Frank Huang
Frank HuangSecond Year Class Representative
Email: fhuang1@ualberta.ca

Jessica Buhler
Jessica BuhlerFirst Year Class Representative
Email: jebuhler@ualberta.ca

Mikhail Surgent
Mikhail SurgentCO-CHAIRS Grad Committee
Email: surgent@ualberta.ca

Morgan Moffat
Morgan MoffatCO-CHAIRS Grad Committee
Email: mmoffat@ualberta.ca

Jasmine Han
Jasmine HanPharmacy Quarterly (PQ) Editor
Email: seunga1@ualberta.ca

Yusuf Nasihi
Yusuf NasihiPharmacy Quarterly (PQ) Editor
Email: nasihi@ualberta.ca

Madison Herbert
Madison HerbertSHINE Director
Email: madison@ualberta.ca

Hannah Yu
Hannah YuYearbook Editor Class of 2018
Email: xinran@ualberta.ca

Sean Starman
Sean StarmanYearbook Editor Class of 2018
Email: sstarman@ualberta.ca

APSA Photographer

Contact Winnie (wlo1@ualberta.ca) if interested

APSA Photographer

Contact Winnie (wlo1@ualberta.ca) if interested

Steven Quan
Steven QuanMale Sports Representative
Email: squan1@ualberta.ca

Megan Elliott
Megan ElliottFemale Sports Representative
Email: meelliot@ualberta.ca

Seth Gilfillan
Seth GilfillanFourth Year Social Representative (Fall)
Email: sgilfill@ualberta.ca

Samantha Davidson
Samantha DavidsonFourth Year Social Representative (Winter)
Email: smdavids@ualberta.ca

Kayla Stegmeier
Kayla StegmeierThird Year Social Representative
Email: stegmeie@ualberta.ca

Brooke Thai
Brooke ThaiSecond Year Social Representative
Email: bthai@ualberta.ca

Tessa Bailey
Tessa BaileyFirst Year Social Representative
Email: tbailey@ualberta.ca

Mehnaz Anwar
Mehnaz AnwarCRO (Chief Recruiting Officer)
Email: mehnaz@ualberta.ca