The Alberta Pharmacy Students’ Association (APSA) is a registered student group with the University of Alberta Students’ Union and represents the voice of pharmacy students in the province of Alberta. Membership in the organization is voluntary for Alberta pharmacy students, but highly encouraged. We provide numerous services to students, such as:

  • Social events
  • Locker sales
  • Yearbooks
  • Orientation
  • Bulk textbook orders
  • And much more!

For a detailed summary of the services we provide to pharmacy students and the benefits of membership, please visit our Student Services page.

To plan ahead for the latest pharmacy events, please refer to the APSA calendar.

APSA is now committed to providing more volunteering opportunities for pharmacy students. Check out our new volunteering page for more details. As we find more volunteering opportunities, we will continuously update the website with more information.
If you’re especially interested in specific volunteering positions and don’t know where to start, please contact the APSA council via